Message from the President

Jonathan ArehartExcellent Schools Are Everyone’s Business
Message from the President, Mr. Jonathan Arehart of Cavendo Corporation

I am pleased to have the opportunity to serve as acting president of the SPARK Board of Directors for the 2015-16 school year. I have been directly involved with Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) for many years and have benefitted firsthand from the support of SPARK as a former student. As acting president of the Board, I am delighted to be able to leverage support for students, teachers, and staff to strengthen the foundation of education in this World-Class School Division.

Supported by donations from local businesses, SPARK raises funds for Prince William County teachers and schools, as well as to School Division departments, staff, and offices, through our “Innovative Grants” program. These funds allow schools and departments to implement programs that would not be possible otherwise. The Foundation continues to support the use of our enhanced web presence in all 95 Division schools, and continues to support students pursuing careers in teaching through the Dr. Edward L. Kelly Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Each year we embark upon initiatives to help make education brighter for our students. We now support more than seven scholarship funds; play a vital role in the Virginia Student Training and Refurbishment (VA STAR) Program; provide clothes and gifts to families in need via our Holiday Helpers initiative; provide support for Robotics teams in all 95 of our schools, and continue to bring awareness to the importance of early childhood education through support of Smart Beginnings Greater Prince William.

The support that SPARK is able to leverage enriches students’ lives every day. These children are the basis for our community’s future growth and prosperity, and it is only possible to build on that strong foundation with the continued support of our corporate and community partnerships. The quality of our schools is more than simply a desirable community feature. A strong PWCS is vital for the future success of our county, state, and nation. With the experience and determination of the SPARK Board of Directors, we can guarantee that our success will only continue to strengthen PWCS.

We invite you to offer support for the Foundation’s initiatives and help provide opportunities for PWCS students to reach their greatest potential. Your involvement will be tremendously rewarding to you and to our community’s students.